Dr. Meacham is the people’s chiropractor. He is always willing to come into the office on a moments notice and help relieve any pain I may be experiencing. From Chiropractic Care to Ozone Therapy, I have left that office in less pain which allow me to more present with my career, family, and life in general. I highly recommend Dr. Meacham.
– Devin W

Dr. Mecham is an incredible person who cares about what he does! He will go the distance to make sure he provides the best experience possible. He works hard to add to his tools and can provide many things that aren’t attainable other places. Ask him about his approach and how he uses acupuncture and ozone among other things.
– Dr. Z

Dr Mecham has always been top notch at taking care of our chiropractic needs. His willingness to schedule specific times around our crazy schedule is something most people don’t do. Our care has always been his top priority and I would recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic work done. Thanks Dr Mecham for always taking good care of us.
– Kacey N